Why Work From Home?

Why Work From Home By Andrew Reynolds

If you’ve ever wanted to work from home and you’ve looked at all the work at home schemes available you may have also seen reports showing that businesses that work from home tend to have a far higher success rate than their high street brethren. In this work at home article we discover why home work maybe the best way forward for you. Of course nothing, including being able to snack from the fridge when you work from home, is perfect. There are some things about having to work at home which may be seen as a drawback and you should fully understand these before you make the decision to work from home. Understanding the work at home negatives as well as all the positives should prepare you well in your quest to work from home.


Starting any business will cost money but if you decide to work from home the amount you need to start and build your business can be far less than if you rented some office space. If you work at home you are of course already paying rent or a mortgage on that home. You are already heating it and following your decision to work at home you generally don’t increase these bills by very much. Low overheads are one of the prime reasons why new start-up entrepreneurs prefer to work at home. These work from home entrepreneurs find that they can channel their limited financial resources into generating sales rather than just to pay a landlord if they did not work from home.


If you work from home you avoid getting caught in traffic to get to work. In many cases entrepreneurs that work from home simply get dressed (if they want to) and walk a few steps to their spare room or kitchen table.

Cutting out the daily commute to work from home helps in two ways. First you save loads of time. Many people who do not work from home spend over 30 minutes to an hour every working day just to get to the office. Of course it’s tempting if you work from home to simply take an extra 30 minutes sleep, but with self discipline the reality is that if you work from home you have an extra 30 minutes to an hour that you can commit to your home business.

Imagine the savings if you work from home including car expenses, train and bus fares, corporate clothing (suits, dresses etc) – most work at home entrepreneurs favour track pants and T shirts – plus those other office essentials such as costly sandwiches and lunches £2/3 latte’s etc. (heck, you might even loose weight by eating more healthily if you work at home.)

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