If you want people to be able to find your site, you must be listed with the top search engines. You can either go to each search engine individually or you can use special software or get it done for you. There are several free websites that will submit your site to thousands of sites, but most of these will be FFA sites (see below for explanation) where your entry may only remain for a matter of hours, or obscure specialist sites which may be inappropriate. You will need to resubmit once a month to improve your rating, which can be extremely time consuming, and whilst their are many companies offering automated submission packages, these are generally less effective than submitting manually, or getting a specialist company to do this for you.

The one exception to this and the method I use, and which I cannot praise highly enough is a service from You get a free trial to test the system out, and if you like it you simply send the site owner whatever sum you feel the package is worth. This can be as little as $10. If you pay, your details stay on the system and you don’t have to type it out again next month, just select the sites you want to promote to and hit submit. As if that wasn’t enough to recommend the site, there are also several pages of tips on improving your ranking and loads more information.

Successful Search Engine Submission

Whilst anyone request that their site is listed with a particular search engine or directory, there is no guarantee that your site will be listed, or, if it is, that it is listed in the first 2 or three pages. Research continues to show that if your site doesn’t appear within the first three pages, and often the first two, it might as well not be there. You therefore need to ensure that you have done everything you can to assist in your aim of a top 20 listing for your site. This is a huge topic, and one for which people can command fees of thousands of pounds. Whilst I can only skim the surface, below I’ve listed sources of more information on the subject.

The most important factor in getting your site listed is the use of keywords. Research the keywords applicable for your site. This is by far the most important step, and one that will make or break the effectiveness of your search engine positioning efforts. If you select the wrong keywords for which to optimize your site, all your efforts will go down the drain. You need to take time to choose a small number of words that perfectly suit your site and use them to your advantage. One of the most effective ways of choosing your words is to go to a few of the search engines you use yourself and do a search using words that you think people would use if looking for a site like yours. Come up with as many words of your own first and then look individually at the first 5 or more sites that appear and view their source code to see which key words they use. If you don’t know how to do this, just follow this example with this page. For simplicity, I’ll assume you’re using Internet Explorer as your browser. Simply click on “view” at the top of the page, and the drop down menu will appear. Click on source, and the code for the page will now be in front of you. Save this code for fuller analysis later. Part way down the first block of text you’ll see the wordsMETA NAME=”keywords” followed by CONTENT=”etc.etc. The words listed after contents are the keywords that will get that page listed on that particular search engine. See how many of them are suitable for your site. Repeat with the other sites on the list to get a good selection of keywords. Make sure these words appear both in your keywords and in the text of the page itself for maximum efficiency.

Choose one or two of these keywords to repeat everywhere – title, meta tags, main body, alt links and anywhere else you can fit it.

Each search engine has a different criteria for choosing sites so once you’ve chosen your keywords, go back to the blocks of source code you saved earlier and see if you can see any patterns between the top 5 sites. Take particular note of sites that have a good ranking with many of the search engines.

Many search engines cannot cope with graphics and will only view your site up to the point of the first graphic. If this is at the top of the page you have a potential problem. With many search engines however you can get around this by inserting a hidden list of words just inside the body text. Take a look at the source code for this page to see what I mean.

Play around with your site, submitting regularly to the sites that allow it and respond quickly, until you’re happy with your rating. Expect different search engines to have different criteria and respond differently. Consider several intro pages to cater for this.

If what I’ve just said above makes little sense to you, there is an excellent set of video tutorials available for less than £10 that explains this is a better way than I can. Visit for more details.

Pay-Per-Click Search Programs

In addition to getting your site listed with the various search engines, you can also pay for an enhanced listing so that your site is featured prominently whenever your chosen search phrases are used. Generally you then pay a fixed sum each time visits your site from these links.

Yahoo and Google, with their recently launched Adwords, are particularly highly recommended.

Google AdWords™ enables you to manage your own account, and with cost-per-click (CPC) pricing, you pay only when users click on your ad. You control your costs by setting a daily budget for what you are willing to spend each day. Only $5 is required to activate your account with clicks starting at just 5 cents. There’s no minimum spending requirement or time commitment, and you can change or suspend your campaigns whenever you want from an online control panel.

Get on Page 1 of Google Today

There’s no doubt that Google Adwords can bring your business a lot of traffic but contrary to the impression given by the hundreds of “gurus” selling how-to guides, most people who have tried to run their own campaigns have failed to create an impressive return, with many getting little or no return for their investment.

A qualified Google Adwords Consultant can maximise the best return on your marketing investment and bring new customers to your business.

Yahoo! Sponsored Search allows companies to appear in front of customers expressly searching for what they sell by appearing at the top of search results on sites such as Yahoo!, MSN, Altavista, Wanadoo, Lycos and many more. Sign up and get a $25 credit. or sign up through Yahoo UK for £60 credit

For a more in-depth look at pay per click sites and resources, visit

Links from Other Sites

In additional to getting listed in search engines, another way for your site to be found is through similar sites so try to arrange for your site to be listed on as many relevant sites as possible. Use search engines to find appropriate sites and suggest that they might like to add your site details to their site. Usually you’ll need to place a link to their site on yours. One of the factors that affects your rating with search engines is the frequency with which your website address appears on other websites, so this will also help your visibility.

One piece of software that I’d recommend using for improving the link popularity of your site is Zeus, available from Zeus Internet Marketing. A free trial version is available.

If you are familiar with traditional ad link programs, you will know that you usually have to choose, one by one, the types of web sites that you want your links to appear on. At, they do it differently. Upon sign up, they instantly expose your ads to a massive number of member sites. Then, at your convenience, you just specify which sites you do not want to swap links with. is a truly automated link swapping system which means you’ll get instant new links each time a new member joins the pool. In addition you get free use of their Search Engine Submitter Tool with a Link Popularity tool coming soon. review search engine guidelines regularly to ensure compliance. is an automated reciprocal link exchange service – You can boost your Link Popularity by joining their directory of participating partner websites. Optional paid service enables your links to be added to other sites without the requirement to add links to your site.

See for more details of sites that sell links without the need to add links on your site.

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