Promoting Your Website

Below are services provided by a variety of companies and commonly used by successful networkers and affiliate marketers.

• Automated Email Prospecting Systems
• Personalized Marketing Websites
• Contact/Lead Management Systems
• Affordable Qualified Leads
• Automated Co-op Lead/Co-op Advertising Systems
• Web Conferencing – voice chat, text chat and web presentations
• Personal Web Conference Rooms with “Live Chat” Feature
• Personal Teleconferencing
• Business Planning, Goal Setting, Organization, and Time Management Systems
• Professional Training in How To Manage Personal Finances and a Home Business

Together all those services would make an ideal home business success system. The problem is that you would have to go to five or six different companies to get all those services. That would be impractical, and very expensive.

Now, you can have everything on the list, from just ONE Company and in ONE convenient and affordable package …GLOBAL BUSINESS PRO. For full details visit GLOBAL BUSINESS PRO


Probably the most effective form of advertising. Once you’ve managed to get someone to your site, don’t let them go. By offering a newsletter, or adding someone ot a mailing list, you build up a rapport so that when you have any new products or services to offer, they are more likely to be receptive than a stranger who just happens to come across your site. There are now several companies on the internet who will set up a newsletter service for you, so that all you need to do is provide the content and submit. An added advantage of using an outside company is that your newsletter gets listed on their files increasing the chance of someone signing up to your newsletter before they’ve even seen your site. An excellent place to get started learning to create your own ezine is They offer an online ezine building tutorial AND a FREE interactive E-Zine builder that will have you publishing your first ezine in about 5 minutes.

You’ll often find that the company hosting your site includes a newsletter tool with your package. If not, or if you switch hosts regularly, the following services offer a free newsletter service.

• Yahoogroups
• Topica

However, if you are using your newsletter or mailing list to generate an income, you really should consider a paid service. Not only does it look more professional, with no messages from the provider, but they are far more flexible and in many cases can be completed automated.

Without doubt, the king of list services is Aweber. If you’ve ever signed up for a mailing list, there’s a high probability you’ve used this company as they are quite simply head and shoulders above anyone else, and yet cost only a few dollars a month.

You simply use the Web Form Generator(there are video tutorials to help you), to create unblockable pop-ups or standard forms that are easily installed on your website without programming experience.

You then just need to input newsletter messages (with unlimited follow ups) They supply over 50 pre-designed HTML templates, or you can create your own with the integrated easy editor and images or just use plain text. If you want to send a series of articles every week, for example, just enter the details of all 52 reports and one will automatically go out every week. You don’t need to do another thing for a year.

You can use name personalization and send attachments, get click thru and open rate tracking, RSS, and split testing at no additional cost. Try AWeber risk free for 30 days, if they don’t help build your opt-in list and convert more website visitors they’ll give you a 100% no questions asked refund.

News Groups and Articles

Although it may seem time consuming and hard work, subscribe to as many relevant newsletters and newsgroups as you can find and take an active part in them. Use the links to yahoo and topica above to find suitable groups or try Best Ezines or New-List . By contributing articles and becoming known to other readers, your reputation grows and more people are likely to visit your site and be receptive to your offers.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0, a phrase coined by O’Reilly Media in 2004, refers to a perceived second generation of web-based services, in particular social networking sites (eg MySpace), social bookmarks (eg, wikis (eg wikipedia) and blog networks (eg squidoo) that depend on online collaboration and sharing among users.

Often ignored as simply a place for young people to socialise online, they can be an incredibly cheap, quick and effective way of driving traffic to a website. Too big a topic to cover in a page or two, I’d recommend taking a look at a new publication, Web 2.0 Traffic System, which reveals 7 new Web 2.0 techniques which are proven To flood your website with thousands of targeted visitors in as little as 3 days.

General topics covered include: • What Web 2.0 is… And why every Internet Marketer must know how to leverage it correctly.

• The Underground Web 2.0 site the gurus want to keep hidden from you
• How to turn free traffic into a huge profit
• The fast blogging system that is working now!
• 6 No-Brainer techniques to get on the home page of a Web 2.0 mega power
• The #1 resource any blogger must use to get more exposure and traffic
• The growing underground social networking site that 72% of users are between 30-60 years of age and have plenty of disposable income
• VSEO… What is it and the 5 must know rules guru’s aren’t telling you
• The #1 thing to do right now to drive traffic to your website
• How a simple Podcast can be your secret weapon
• The 4 genres you need to making videos for to maximise profit on web video
• The only 7 Blog directories you need to submit your Blog to

In addition, the guide offers site specific advice on the following:


• Information you must include in your MySpace blog
• How to drive loads of targeted traffic from MySpace without getting your account shut down
• How to quickly boost your credibility on MySpace
• 6 techniques to drive traffic to your website through your MySpace profile
• How to use MySpace to strike JV deals
• How selecting your MySpace username can multiply your traffic by over 200%
• How to attract viral traffic to your MySpace page using a tiny piece of code


• A step-by-step system to driving traffic from Youtube and Google Video


• 8 step system to get up and running with Squidoo today
• How to unleash the power of Squidoo to generate a fast and furious stream of traffic to your website
• The 3 easiest ways to make money with Squidoo
• 4 advanced strategies to make your Squidoo lens a super power and generate thousands of targeted visitors


• How to combine the power of Netscape with Digg to send your stats counter into overdrive
• How to use Digg to generate an avalanche of traffic to your site
• 3 quick tips you should implement to get your stories on the front page of Digg
• The 4 quick steps you need to take to start getting traffic from Digg

Banner ADS

You can exchange banners with other sites, free of charge. By including some HTML text in your webpages, you show banners advertising other websites. In turn, for every x times you show a banner on your webpages, your banner is shown y times on other member sites. The ratio will depend on the company involved but will generally be in the region of at least 1 of your banners shown elsewhere to 2 appearing on your site, going up to better than 1 for 1.

At, not only do you get a full ONE to ONE exchange on visitors to your own site, you’ll also get 10% of all impressions generated by anyone who joins the banner exchange through you, and anyone who joins through them, etc. through 5 levels. And, for a limited time, you’ll receive a $15 signing bonus just for joining! You can even target your ad only to relevant sites and exclude your “competitors’ ads” from appearing on your site. Particularly importantly, a new window pops up when someone clicks a banner hosted on your site so you never lose a single visitor.

With BannerBeast you get 1 credit for each 2 banners displayed. Particularly suited if you can’t add banners to the site you wish to promote as you can earn credits through their own traffic exchanges.

Click Exchange

If you don’t already have sufficient traffic to benefit from banner exchanges, or you have been provided with a replica site to which you cannot add your own banners, take a look at our traffic page, for details of ways of getting people to visit your site in exchange for you visiting theirs.

Op in Emails

Not to be confused with spam, which often claims to come from opt-in only mailing lists, there are many reputable companies that send out newsletters only to people who have specifically requested a subscription. Often you also have to respond to a confirmation e-mail to ensure you really want to subscribe.

A fairly recent innovation are companies that pay you to receive e-mail. This gives a large database of readers who are being paid to receive the e-mail and are therefore more likely to take notice to read the instructions for payment. This may include visiting the site, and even making comments about it to get paid, ensuring that your site will at least be visited, and by the correct demographic group.

Some worth considering are: Their opt-in lists start at just just $19.95 per 100 names (plus $7.50 surcharge for orders under 500 names), reducing to $9.95 per 100 on order of 1500 or more, and as they provide incentives, a large proportion (on average 27%) of the recipients of these e-mails will not only visit your site but provide feedback in the form of a short questionnaire on their opinion of the site. Wide range of demographic options available. Look out for regular special offers for smaller samples.

Rent-a-list offer a range of opt-in e-mail listing services with guaranteed visitor levels and real time campaign tracking. Targeted advertising starts from just $12.99 or lotto sponsorship with for just $39.99 a week, or less for bulk orders. They also have frequent special offers eg today’s offers are 2000 targeted e-mails for $59.99 reduced from £190 and 50,000 HTML e-mails to business opportunity seekers for $99.99 down from $149.

WebCentreSurf has always been one of my favourite traffic exchanges as they throw in bonus credits at random intervals (but only if you’re paying attention) and after every 50 sites you get a general knowledge quiz with the chance to earn 1000 credits, along the lines of “Who wants to be a millionaire?”. However it also offers an excellent opt-in e-mail service as every upgraded member not only gets free credits, free referrals and other surfing perks but you now get the chance to send a solo ad every month to every member of the program, currently around 17,000. Every member who reads the ad and visits your site earns 10 bonus credits and they are reminded that your message is waiting every time they surf. With upgrades starting at just $5 a month, this has to be the best offer you’ll see all year. offers targeted advertising to members of their site, who are paid a token amount to visit your site. You can select what gender, age range, income level, geographical location, homeowner status, education level, and more that you wish to target your advertising to. Advertising starts from as little as $5.00.

Find out what real people actually think of your site. offers one of the most effective way of improving your site and making your business more profitable by going straight to the end-user; your potential customer. Their team of Site-Reporters visit your site and provide detailed feedback on what they find through both closed-questions and open commentaries. They then collate the information from their surveys and present them to you in a clear, precise format. How much feedback and how detailed you want it to be is up to you. They offer report levels to suit every need and can arrange to create “bespoke” projects should you wish.

Links from Other Websites

In additional to getting listed in search engines, another way for your site to be found is through similar sites so try to arrange for your site to be listed on as many relevant sites as possible. Use search engines to find appropriate sites and suggest that they might like to add your site details to their site. Usually you’ll need to place a link to their site on yours. One of the factors that affects your rating with search engines is the frequency with which your website address appears on other websites, so this will also help your visibility.

To increase visibility of your site, little is more effective than backlinks from high ranking websites. One very quick and simple way is to add comments on other people’s blogs. The only difficult bit is finding suitable high ranking blogs that accept comments. Luckily there is a new piece of software that does this for you. Just enter in your keywords and the minimum page ranking you require, and CommentHut finds all relevant blogs for you. You then need only click on the link to go straight to the right page. You can download your free fully functional lite version from CommentHut is an automated reciprocal link exchange service – You can boost your Link Popularity by joining their directory of participating partner websites. Optional paid service enables your links to be added to other sites without the requirement to add links to your site.

Squidoo – Many lenses within the Squidoo network offer the opportunity to add a link to your own site, completely free of charge. My own squidoo site at offers this facility so visit now and add your link today.

eBay – This might be a surprising suggestion but there are hugely discounted advertising packages available on eBay. In the past I’ve picked up a paid solo e-mail to the membership base of a GPTRE site for just $1 and links on a PR6 site for £1. Below are a few examples currently available from both the UK and US sites.

See for more details of sites that sell links without the need to add links on your site.


A potential successful and totally free way of getting your site mentioned on others without needing to offer a reciprocal link is to write a testimonial for a product or service you’ve used. Many sites use these messages to add weight to the quality of their product, particularly when contact details are given. If you come across a testimonial page on a site you visit, write to the company praising their product, saying how it’s helped you etc, and there’s a good chance your message will appear on their site, complete with a link to your site.

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