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Get paid to surf the web

Although surfbars, with a company called, started the idea of earning online through revenue sharing, fraud and falling advertising revenue have meant that the very few companies that remain in this sector have now moved towards paying you to sign up for offers. Instead there are now sites that will pay you a small amount to surf but you now need to actively click to visit individual sites. In many cases you also earn traffic credits which you can use to promote sites you join or sell to others. See our traffic page for more details of sites primarily aimed at generating traffic but from which you can also earn cash.

Most companies in this field pay out in web currencies like eGold and Paypal so are valid in any country where accounts can be opened in these currencies, unless otherwise stated following fraud problems with a particular country.

Before joining any of the programs, consider getting yourself a separate e-mail address. Many companies offer free services, so you don’t need to rely on hotmail with their junk mail problems. To completely eliminate junkmail,you should then consider signing up with Spamjab. This completely free service filters your e-mail so nothing doubtful makes it through to your mailbox. Where this works better than any service I’ve come across is the way it sends you an e-mail if it’s in doubt so that you can authorise or reject that particular address for future use. You can view and read or delete all the rejected mail through your Spamjab account. This is also ideal if your children have e-mail accounts that need overseeing to prevent spam. You’ll find full details here.

I’d also recommend you download a copy of Roboform. This free software can be used for auto-filling registration forms greatly simplifying the application process for the companies you’ll be joining. In addition it can also remember all the passwords for each of the sites you join.

Whilst all the UK and US toolbars disappeared in the aftermath of the dot com crash, they appear to be thriving in France. Whilst you don’t need to be a french resident, you will need to be able to understand (or able to translate) basic french, as the sites aren’t generally translated. The following sites are working well for me and you don’t have to live in France.

Without doubt my favourite site is Eurokiddies. You earn points by downloading a small toolbar, which you can place wherever on the screen is most suitable for you. In addition you earn extra points for visiting selected sites daily. You can earn more by signing up at various sites and for shopping online (although most of these shops are for french residents).

At the end of the month, the points are converted into euros which you can either cash out by cheque or paypal (minimum €10) or exchange for prize codes for online games sites like my favourite (and the reason I originally joined Eurokiddies) Prizee or a host of other gifts.

Although the site itself is in French, once you’ve installed the Eurobarre bar, which you do before giving any information, registration is carried out through the bar in your choice of language. Earn through surfing with the bar open, and by receiving e-mails, visiting sites, accepting offers and referring others. You also earn bonus points for loyalty – 5000 points after you’ve been a member 15 days, 45 days and 75 days (15000 points in total), plus 5000 points on the anniversary of your joining (subject to using the bar within the previous month at least once). Payment through Paypal, or bank transfer if you are based in France.

AdBux is a brand new site and works by paying you to visit websites for at a few seconds. They pay you up to $0.015 for each website you visit and $0.015 for each website your referrals visit. Payments are issued via Alertpay on a monthly basis and you just need to earn $10 to receive payment in cash, or you can use to pay for advertising from just 75 cents. I’ve received several cash payments from this company and also had great results from advertising on the site.

A valuable benefit to both the members and the advertisers is the repeat exposure that the advertiser gets. Whenever you click and view a website, you can visit that website again in 24 hours. This gives the advertiser optimal exposure by using “repeat advertising” and it further increases the members earning potential.

Adbux Update

Adbux continues to go from strength to strength. After a quiet few weeks while they were revamping the site, it has suddenly taken off and there are now generally over 100 sites a day to visit. You don’t even have to keep visiting the site to check for ads as they offer an “ad alert” button which announces new ads as soon as they appear. I’m easily getting 10-20 paid ads a day and would get more if I was online more regularly. If you’re a lapsed member I’d recommend you take another look and if you haven’t yet joined I’d recommend you check it out. You can also earn for signing up for free offers and can even earn 100% of the amount earned from your referrals’ accepted offers.

When you join ClixSense you simply visit the “Browse Ads” page to see a list of ads that are available for you to view, in addition to how much viewing that ad pays, from 1 cent upwards. When you click on a link for an ad a new window will open with a timer at the top of the page and the advertiser’s page in the bottom frame. Once the timer counts down to zero, the amount stated for viewing the ad will be credited to your account. Not only do you get paid for clicking ads, you also get paid 10 cents for referring new members, and 10% of ad purchase revenues from your downline. You can cash out at $10 or exchange your earnings for advertising on the site with no minimum. Personally, I’d recommend using your earnings for advertising as I’ve always received exceptionally results, generating far more than the cost of the ad, as you can very precisely target your ads by country, age, income, interests etc. Upgraded members have access to more ads and earn through additional levels of referrals. The last time I looked there were over 500 ads available only to premium members.

Galactic Gold gives you the chance to earn by finding prizes. After each site you visit you get to search the galaxy for hidden treasure, and might find cash or gold or silver(exchangeable for cash) or credits for showing websites and banners on the site. You also earn credits for each site you visit. Minimum 30 site visits a day or more if you find a black hole and go back in time, or if you upgrade. Cash payments for each referral, plus a percentage of their earnings. Cash out through e-gold or paypal.

Another similar site is Treasure Surfers with the option of being able to search for treasure 15 times a day with free membership, or more for upgrades. Finds appear higher with this site eg finds of 10 or more gold pieces or 5 cents are not uncommon. Payout through E-Gold or Paypal.

If you think you can get a few referrals take a look at Traffic Battle which offers 500 website credits AND 10 cents when someone in your down line (1st Level) surfs 100 pages. Like those mentioned above, is a “Get-Paid-To” website where you play the part of a person in search for gold and valuable resources, this time in various castles and strongholds. You can find Gold Coins, Cash and lots more in various sizes by going from Castle to Castle and Battle to Battle. 30 visits per day with 3 Referral surf earning levels. Upgrade to increase the number of daily visits and referral levels and the value of each piece of gold. Payouts through Paypal, Stormpay or e-gold.

Hitsngold lets you search for houses, cars and gold (exchangeable for cash)as well as cash prizes. You get paid cash when your level 1 downline members upgrade. Visit up to 20 pages per day and earn Referral credits on 4 levels. Good if you have several sites to promote as this site offers the chance to promote unlimited websites without upgrading. 250 FREE bonus credits for joining and payouts via Paypal or Stormpay.

One well established and extremely positive site is MatrixMails. Visit the site daily to earn up to 2c per site you visit. They also pay you to read e-mails, but they guarantee a minimum of 1 cent per e-mail (so (none of these “5 searches for half a cent” e-mails you may have seen) You also have the option to upgrade for a small fee (with money-back guarantee) to remove the minimum payout level, to receive at least a double payout on all your e-mails, to get paid a sign-up bonus for all your referrals and get a share of unallocated sign-ups, and get free e-mail advertising and web hosting. There is also an optional forced matrix plan to earn extra. I’ve been paid almost $200 so far by this company. – Join Memolink today and complete surveys, answer trivia, signup for free trials and in return, you earn points toward gift certificates at places such as The Home Depot, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Best Buy and tons more! Join today for FREE

You can use credits to trade for goods and services on the ClickThru Network. Credits have no monetary value by themselves, but may be exchanged on the network for ClickThrus or merchandise. You may also sell credits back to the Network for cash. 1 credit for every site you visit and vote on. Plus up to 25,000 credits instantly surfing or playing online games. You also earn 5% on any clicks earned by your referrals.

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