Paid to Read Emails

Get Paid to Read Emails

All these companies are completely free to join. You just click on the relevant banners or links and follow the instructions.

Most companies in this field are US based and pay out in dollars, but many also offer Paypal payment and some also pay out in local currencies as well, making them easier to promote worldwide whilst a few are setting up in UK and Europe, payable in euros or sterling.

In most cases you receive an e-mail from the company and simply click on the link to acknowledge receipt. Sometimes you earn extra by going to the site advertised and registering or reviewing it. Some sites also offer bonus offers where you can earn much more by accepting the offer within the mailing.

Before joining any of the programs, consider getting yourself a separate e-mail address, to minimise the risk of subsequent spam. You can always dump the address later.

I’d also recommend you download a copy of Roboform. This free software can be used for auto-filling registration forms greatly simplifying the application process for the companies you’ll be joining. In addition it can also remember all the passwords for each of the sites you join. Find out more from Roboform.

For details of sites paying you to surf the Internet, or simply be online click here

Get Paid to Read Emails – Highly Recommended

One well established and extremely positive site is MatrixMails. Not only do they pay you to read e-mails, but they guarantee a minimum of 1 cent per e-mail (so none of these “5 searches for half a cent” e-mails you may have seen) You also have the option to upgrade for a small fee (with money-back guarantee) to remove the minimum payout level, to receive at least a double payout on all your e-mails, to get paid a sign-up bonus for all your referrals and get a share of unallocated sign-ups, and get free e-mail advertising and web hosting. There is also an optional forced matrix plan to earn extra. I’ve earned, and been paid over $200 from this company.

TakeTheInternetBack is a new site that pays you to read e-mails, but with a twist. Not only are you earning for the mailings you read, but you also own a share of the company itself, completely free forever! You even get a $10.00 sign up bonus, free downloads, and a contract assuring you of ownership.

Unlike similar sites, the free downloads are very valuable in their own right. These include a massive collection of ‘How To’ Internet Marketing training videos and software for submitting articles, blogs and ads to thousands of relevant sites with little more than the touch of a button. I’m personally finding the article submission software invaluable. Even better, most of the software comes with resell rights so you can even sell them, despite having obtained them free of charge yourself.

This site is showing great promise. Despite being only a few months old, it is already making monthly profit payouts. At present these are working out at roughly the equivalent of 1 cent per e-mail but this figure can only grow as the company becomes more established. With a $20 payout level and a $10 start up bonus, this is one that will generate regular payouts, and of course you are a part-owner of the company. Part of the WLPP group, there is no question regarding the integrity of TakeTheInternetBack. Highly recommended.

HtMailpay for just clicking and reading and you have the choice of being paid in dollars or pounds sterling. You can just click to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail but you earn more by actually visiting the site, and answering a few standard questions on your opinion of the site. You also only need to earn £5 or $10 for a payout. I’ve received several hundred dollars from this site.

Worth Considering

E-mailpaysu.comEarn from reading e-mails and visiting websites and also for two levels of referrals. Get a $10 signing-up bonus. Several e-mails received most days.

Cash Money Email doesn’t waste your time with messages for less than a cent. You get 2 cents for every paid e-mail plus 1 cent for each message sent to your referrals. (They also send other ads where you earn a percentage of revenue but these are clearly marked)There are also sites you get paid to visit daily. $10 credited to your account to get you started. Payout through Paypal or e-gold if Paypal not available in your country.

Send More Info are paying 5 cents per read email and 2 cents for referrals. E-mails sent regularly even to non-US residents.

2-opt.comEach time you read an ad, you accrue earnings in your account. Members are paid $.05 cents for every e-mail that sends them and which they respond to by clicking the link in the e-mail message. Once you have at least $10 US in their account you can opt to receive a check, or continue to let your earnings accrue.(Below $10 you can always request payment but will incur a $1.50 processing fee) You will also be entered into their monthly Sweepstakes. Simply by being a member in good standing, signing up(Opting-in) once, you’ll automatically be entered into the monthly Sweepstakes, EVERY MONTH, for the lifetime of your membership. They are giving away LAPTOPS, CELL PHONES, CASH, PALM PILOTS, and more!

You can earn money with RefRewards by:

• Referrals – earn $0.01 per email read by any referral for 3 levels. Earn 10% of referral’s earnings for each of 3 levels of referrals for other ways of earning money with RefRewards.

• Reading and responding to emails (visiting the advertiser’s website) – earn up to $5.00 – every time a paid mailing is sent out, one lucky random member will receive a $5.00 bonus just for visiting one website from the paid email! Regular rates are between $0.03 and $0.10 per email that you read and respond to. We also send out point emails where you will receive points for reading and responding to emails. The value of the points will be calculated when the advertising revenue is received by us.

• Signing up for programs – sign up for free registration with other websites that we partner with and we will pay you a percentage of what we earn from the advertiser.

• Playing Online Games – play our online games for monthly cash prizes.

• Completing surveys – rates for surveys will depend on a number of circumstances including how much information an advertiser requires, how intense the questions are etc. Rates will never be lower than $0.05 per survey question answered.

• Referring advertisers – earn 7.5% commission an any advertising purchased by an advertiser that you refer to us.

• Using a RefRewards Portal Page – You will receive points every time that you use our portal page (restrictions may apply).

Future ways that you may be able to earn money with RefRewards are:

• Searching

• Shopping

Pays out for $25 by PayPal.

Scam Warnings and points to consider

With sites only paying a few cents for each e-mail, it can be tempting to sign up for sites promising to pay tens if not hundreds of dollars for each mail you read. Unfortunately, these sites invariably fail to make any payouts as the sums simply don’t add up. To pay you $100 for an e-mail, the advertiser would have to pay the company in excess of this figure, which they simply would not do. The sole exception to this are companies that pay you to act on an e-mail – eg take up an offer or make a purchase. Here you can earn several dollars a time, but watch out for the minimum payout levels, especially for a new site. Sites can disappear overnight so don’t make a purchase solely for the earning potential, unless the site is one of the bigger, well established in this field.

In general, the higher the payment per e-mail, the higher the threshold before you’ll get paid. 20 cents and e-mail may seem attractive, but if you need to reach $100 before you receive a cent, then the lower earnings with a $10 threshold may be more realistic.

You should also be aware that when looking to earn from referrals, it is often necessary for your referrals to reach the payout threshold before you receive a bonus. You don’t earn $5 or more just for signing them up.


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