Earn From The Internet

With so many companies operating on the Internet, it can be hard for each individual company to stand out. One very cheap and effective way is to get other people to do their marketing for them and for this they are more than willing to pay you.

Some companies pay you simply to accept advertising on your screen while on-line, with the potential to earn significant sums by getting other people to sign up under you while others pay you to read e-mails, or complete surveys.

Other companies encourage you to spread the word by paying you commission on sales. Until recently this almost exclusively related to US companies with payment in dollars but there are now several companies paying out in other currencies. The UK and Australia are becoming particularly active.

Alternatively, you can earn from simply referring people to sign up for various schemes. You either get an initial payment or qualifying points, or you receive credit when the first order is placed.

Get paid to surf the web

Nowhere near as lucrative as in the early days, but maybe when it settles down again you can at least cover the cost of your own internet access, or even make a reasonable monthly income. In some cases you need simply place an adbar on your screen. In others you need to actively visit sites, and sometimes register, to get paid.

COMMISSION ON SALES – Affiliate programs

The Internet is full of companies prepared to pay you to sell their products for them. Find out how to profit from them here.


One of the most effective ways to spread the news about a website is to send e-mails to a targeted audience. Now you can get paid for receiving e-mails relevant to your interests and get paid to read, or respond to them.

Other ways to earn from the Internet

Earn from visiting websites, making purchases, filling in surveys, playing games, providing web site content for others answering questions etc.etc. Check out more way to earn from the internet.

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