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Mystery Shopping – Get Paid to Shop

You’ve probably seen the ads telling you that you can get paid to shop. But how does it really work?

Businesses need to know how their products/services are viewed by their customers, and whether their staff are up to the job. To do this they hire mystery shopping companies to carry out this research for them. Usually this research involves mystery shoppers who pose as customers and undertake typical customer activities. The mystery shopper then reports back on their experience, and this is where you come in. Click here for advice on getting started as a mystery shopper.

For a wider range of UK companies offering online mystery shopping services go to

For details of companies paying you to complete consumer surveys visit our survey page

Mystery Shoppers Needed

Global Test Market is a unique online community where consumers from around the world participate in the development of new-to-the-world products and services. GTM is now active in 140 countries. Members have the opportunity to hear about and use new products and services while earning MarketPoints – the online currency which is fully exchangeable for cash in your local currency as soon as you reach the equivalent of $50. I’ve received several payments from this company. Membership is free of charge.

How it works

You will be invited to participate in a variety of interactive sessions where you will be able to influence the people who are developing new products and services. All of these are done using a convenient online approach which is designed to accomodate your busy schedule.

Some examples:

Concept tests: You will see new product ideas which are described in words and images. These are often very early-stage ideas for which the developer is seeking initial feedback about whether the idea is appealing as well as how it could be improved.

Usage tests: You will be able to use development-stage products which you have indicated would be of interest to you based on the preferences you indicated at registration. These products are sent directly to your home and the post-usage surveys are conducted online.

TestMarkets: You will be able to browse and purchase new and development-stage products. After using the products, you will also be able to give feedback about the product as well as repurchase the product throughout the duration of the test market.

Satisfaction testing and complaint monitors: You will be invited to participate in studies which are designed to provide product designers with quantitative and qualitative feedback about products which you have purchased at another store or online retailer.

For full details and registration form, visit GlobalTestMarket

The RQA Group is a global business offering Crisis management, Food Safety, Product Recall and related Field services to the food, beverage, cosmetics and all other consumer products industries. They always need field representatives.

RQA field representatives perform a wide variety of jobs. Job assignments are awarded based on your geographic location and in accordance with the skills required for the job.

Product Sampling jobs vary in size and scope. It may be as simple as purchasing a single product from a local supermarket, or more complex such as purchasing five different variants of a product, each with a unique package code from ten different stores. Products are then carefully packed and shipped to our client.

Consumer Complaint Retrieval jobs consist of contacting a consumer via phone, scheduling a time to pick up the unsatisfactory product, picking up the product and shipping to our client.

Recall & Withdrawal jobs are large scale product retrievals. You will be required to visit several stores in your area and examine the store shelf and stock for affected product. You will then purchase the product and either destroy or ship back to our client.

On-Shelf Assessment jobs are detailed assessments of a product at retail. You will typically visit five to ten stores and spend between 30 and 90 minutes at each store gathering data on products and the store environment.

Mystery Shopping jobs typically require individuals to visit locations such as banks, restaurants and stores to carry out pre-agreed scenarios and comment on the quality of service and/or product received.

Facility Auditing jobs are available for professionals with backgrounds in facility auditing.

US and Canadian residents should visit to apply.

If you live in Europe visit for more details.

They are urgently looking for representatives in Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and Italy to carry out Mystery Shopping projects is a new mystery shopper company currently looking for new shoppers in UK, US and Canada. Apply online are currently looking for mystery shoppers through Canada and USA to carry out web based mystery shopping assignments. They need people who are willing to shop on the Internet and tell them about their experiences. You don’t have to have ever shopped by computer before, or even know much about computers. You do need to have access to one, and know how to connect to the Internet from it. They pay you similar rates to what you’d earn in standard mystery shopping jobs, but you won’t have to travel or deal with boring paperwork.

Apply online and if you are accepted, you’ll be asked to do a “test shop”. That will teach you how to use their reporting system. When they have a client who’s right for you, they’ll send you an e-mail asking you if you’d like to accept that job. Remember: Only accept the job if can do it within a day or two of getting it. Turning down a project won’t be held against you. Accepting one but not finishing it on time will.

Get paid to shop in stores, restaurants and even online with this company. Offers work in several countries including UK, US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Mexico and India. Payments are often in cash, although no indication of the amount is given on the site, but can sometimes come in the form of products and services. Online application form available. Be prepared – you will be asked to give a short sample of your writing skills as follows:

Accurate, well-written and detailed reports are an important component of each service assessment. Please provide a brief sample of your writing style by discussing why you would be effective in evaluating customer service

Bare Associates International Apply online. Click here for the UK application or here for international applications

Douglas Stafford International is a leading provider of Mystery Shopping and Training, working with many national and international service sector companies.

Founded over 11 years ago and now established on both sides of the Atlantic, the company is at the forefront of Video and Telephone Mystery Shopping, as well as having developed through our training division, many innovative training workshops linking in with the information provided through our performance evaluation process ‘Mystery Shopping’.

Physical Mystery Shoppers required to work on interesting projects throughout the United Kingdom. Good rates of pay and the potential to travel.

They currently require mystery shoppers in the UK and US. Click here to complete the US application form

or here for the UK application offers mystery shopping assignments in US, Canada, UK and Ireland. – No cash payments but US and Canadian Residents can get a T Shirt just for reviewing 40 restaurants to add to their database. This company seems to be able to provide the most regular work at present, although you certainly earn your money from the extensive questionnaires and they do seem to have high quality standards as they state ” Our shoppers all work to Market Research Society standards. Each shopper is carefully briefed, monitored and his or her feedback is audited on a regular basis”.

Fill out an application on line. Covers UK, North America or mainland Europe.

For further international sites visit which is one of the best free directories of international companies I’ve come across.


The all-new Mystery-Shopper-USA Guide shows you:

  • Exactly WHO to contact – 200 mystery shopping companies and industry insiders
  • The different types of jobs – for example, the difference between a retail shop and a dead letter box shop
  • WHERE to register – the hidden online application forms for mystery shopping companies near you
  • WHAT TO DO on your first job – how to behave and take notes, and exactly what you need to notice

Just $14.95 with a 100% refund guarantee, you can download your copy immediately at Mystery-Shopper-USA Guide or get the UK version for £9.95 from

Useful Mystery Shopping Links

Mystery Shopping Providers Association

The MSPA is the largest professional trade association dedicated to improving service quality using anonymous resources. With over 150 member companies worldwide, our diverse membership includes marketing research and merchandising companies, private investigation firms, training organizations and companies that specialize in providing mystery shopping services.

They are just beginning to build the most comprehensive resource available to you to help you find shopping engagements that are the right fit for you! Here, you can search for jobs by location and you can find information about MSPA member companies. If you’re new to mystery shopping, check out the Shoppers’ Bulletin boards, where you can exchange information with other shoppers about the business.

Volition has an extensive list of mystery shopping companies both in North America and Internationally. There is also an active forum that is essential reading for both new and experienced mystery shoppers, including a section for urgent assignments.

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