Misc Freelance Work

Drawing, Painting Etc

You don’t need to hire a gallery and fill it with masterpieces to earn money from your artistic talent. Many companies use freelance artists to meet their requirements. A good source of business is greetings card manufacturers. Company addresses are often on the back of cards, or alternatively, ask for addresses at your local card shops, and write for current requirements.

For contact details of members of the Greetings Card Association USA go to greetingcard.org

ArtistMarket.com is the largest resource for newspaper and magazine editors and website presence providers. The market is world wide and in constant need of quality features including: EDITORIAL/POLITICAL PANELS, CARTOONS, COMIC STRIPS, CARICATURES, PUZZLES AND GAMES. We welcome new ideas for quality features. ArtistMarket.com provides an internet avenue to reach buyers throughout the world. The potential market for quality work is vast and active.

Many companies worldwide will consider your work. For a selection of American companies using freelance workers get hold of a copy of Artists & Graphic Designer’s Market 2007 : Where & How to Sell Your Illustration, Fine Art, Graphic Design & Cartoons by Mary Cox (Editor).

Click here for a list of other recommended books for getting started in cartoon work, illustration or other artwork. All titles can be ordered from Amazon.

Event Planning

Paid To Party! – the secrets of earning thousands as an event planner!

This new instantly downloadable eBook shows you exactly what you need to do from day one with easy to follow instruction plans that walk you right through every step of creating a high profit home event planning business!

Topics covered include:

• How To Find People That Want To Pay You To Plan Their Next Event!
• The Type Of Parties And Events You’ll Want To Plan For Huge Profits!
• Starting Simple: The Party Planners Guide To Getting Started!
• Secrets Of Successful Invitation Sending For Heavy Profits!
• Invitations By Mail Or E-Mail? The Answer Is Must Have Information!
• Promotion Techniques That Assure You Create An Event To Remember!
• Fun Ideas You Can Use To Become A “MASTER” Planner And Get Loads Of Word Of Mouth Business!
• SAVE Hundreds On Catering With These Simple Tricks!
• Become a Pro On Entertainment, And Learn What You Need To Do To Get Top Talent!
• Live Band Or DJ? You’ll Learn Which Is Better!
• Secrets Of Becoming An Expert Party Decorator With Easy Techniques!
• How To Get Awesome Party Decorations Dirt Cheap!
• How To Close The Party Easily And Quickly!
• How To Grab Testimonials From Successful Events To Build Your Portfolio FAST!

The manual also includes contract templates, planning and scheduling worksheets, a cost tracking spreadsheet and feedback forms and will even walk you through creating a theme and applying it to entertainment, decorations, food, and drinks.

For full details, and to download your copy visit Paid to Party


The “Make Money Teaching” Reports – Bill Lurie

Are you already teaching private students? Do you tutor students?Are you teaching guitar? Do you want to learn how to start a cooking school? Would you love to have your own karate school, dance school, art studio, driving school? Do you teach ballet, music, painting, martial arts, computer software, book keeping, photography? Do you have skills that you want to teach to others?

If this has ever been a dream of yours,then this could be what you’ve been looking for. Available as a package, or as 3 separate in-depth reports, Bill shares his 27 years experience to help you to make money teaching privately.

The reports are:

• Advertising Report – Promoting Yourself – critical information on advertising to get students
• Registration Report – vital information on how to register more students
• The Business Strategies Report – tips and strategies to maximize your income opportunities as well as creating supplementary income streams related to teaching.

Available in electronic format for immediate download, you can get full details and order from Make Money Teaching.


Phone a Babysitter.com provides a service for parents in the United States and Canada. If you would like to profit from babysitting children in your neighborhood sign up with PhoneaBabysitter so local parents requiring your services can start hiring you right away.


Advertise your services as a babysitter, house sitter or pet sitter free of charge on this site.

See our general employment page for details of petsitting organisations and services.


Every month, hundreds of different magazines are published, all requiring photographs to brighten the pages. Many of these are from amateur and semi-professional sources. Just take a look at the weekly women’s magazines. You will see at least one section of readers’ photographs in each magazine, with payment to each contributor.

With a good basic camera you can easily take photographs of a standard suitable for magazine or postcard use. Check out the magazines that cover topics of interest and see if they encourage contributions. Postcards usually have company details on the reverse. Write to companies for their requirements.

I would suggest you contact the International Freelance Photographer Organisation. With 60,000 members worldwide, their aim is to help you make money from your photography. Visit their website www.aipress.com for more details.

Sell your photos

Photostockplus is a revolutionary concept that allows you to upload and sell your work online. They actively promote the stock database and our photographers to a wide variety of buyers guaranteeing you worldwide exposure. They also provide you with the tools and client base to be successful; you keep 85% of the profits.

Images are sold on a royalty free basis which means there is a one time purchase fee for the unlimited use of an image per buyer. You are free to sell your images over and over again and raise or lower prices as you see fit. Unlike traditional agencies you are in control of your own work; you decide which photos to upload and how much to charge for them. You maintain all rights to the photos. You can categorize and add keywords to your images so they can be found by buyers.

Photostockplus.com markets its image database through many innovative means on the internet as well as through industry specific resources. They have relationships with hundreds of companies on the look out for fresh stock. Their sister website shares the identical photo database and is heavily geared and marketed towards the stock buyers to help maximize your image sales.

Camera Dollars System
Most websites would be pretty dull without graphics of some form, which means there is a continuous demand for new photographs to use and people are paying incredibly high fees for pictures – any and all kinds of pictures. So, in return, there are websites, like PhotoStockPlus, mentioned above, that collect these pictures and then sell them. You don’t need to be a professional photographer and you only need a basic digital camera to earn from any photographs you take. There is also the opportunity to earn monthly residual commissions from all the digital photos you submit online.

Brian Moore has come up with a system he shows you that allows you to partner very quickly and sell the simplest of your digital pictures. For example, if you’re going away at any time, just take a few extra pictures and you may end up paying for the entire trip!

Over 200 pages, topics include:

•How to ensure you are getting the best fee possible for each photo you upload online – find out how to ensure you are paid what your photos are really worth
• How to put yourself in a buyer’s shoes and always shoot to sell – find out what buyers are looking for and the easiest ways for you to deliver exactly what they need
• Who pays the highest rates – and how to get them to not just accept your work but beg for it!
• How to easily find websites that will practically beg you for your photos – and who’ll be willing to pay a premium for each photo you submit to them
• How to select the right keywords to use with your photos when you upload them online
• How to dramatically improve your chances of getting each one of your photos accepted by photo sites.
• What to take pictures of – find out what types of images are in the most demand
• How to make money in the competitive world of celebrity gossip sites – these tips will give you the advantage you need to begin dominating the competition
• How to take pictures of sporting events and sell them online – it’s not as difficult as you might think … in fact, follow these tips and it will be downright easy to earn money this way!

If that’s not enough for you, you also get a bonus guide which shows you how to get paid to write online. Once again, you don’t need any experience, in fact, this system favours people with little or no writing experience and shows you where people will pay you to write articles, blog entries, headlines, and other forms of online writing and even shows you where you can get paid to edit various websites’ clumsy typos! This writing training manual alone contains well over 100 pages of valuable content.

To get full details of both guides visit http://www.homeworking-directory.com/camera.htm As always, you’re protected by an unconditional money-back guarantee.

US Residents might like to take a look at “Easy Photo Business” which shows you step-by-step how to quickly get started as a trained “field rep” and enjoy a great full or part-time income taking simple photos and filling out forms to accompany them. The manual also introduces you to 14 additional, badly needed services (not all are photography related) that institutions will also pay you handsomely to perform.

You are provided you with the names, websites and contact information for over 100 national firms (updated monthly) that have a constant and growing need for trained field reps throughout the US. These firm’s clients include 1000’s of banking and insurance institutions worldwide. You will also be shown the proper way to contact them and let them know that you are ready to start accepting assignments!

Miscellaneous Ideas


A prospective kitchen table enterprise that can offer various options for those seeking engraving whether for decorative, celebratory, or commemorative reasons, or else simply seeking to have their personal possessions engraved and consequently made less likely prospects for the opportunist thief.

Engraving can take many varied forms from etching onto glass, to simply printing names and addresses onto key rings, making commemorative plaques, and so on. Consult craft magazines for essential equipment.

Your customers will come from all sections of the community, from private individuals, to jewelers shops, clubs and societies, sports centres and so on.


Here the demand is for high quality craftwork, which if it can also come at a realistic price, will command a steady stream of eager customers. As for so many other craft and art services, a wealth of ‘how to’ books are available to guide the novice through to professional status as a picture framer. Equipment need not eat too heavily into your capital and can be located in most of the major craftwork and model making magazines on the newsagents’ shelves, as well as in advertising publications.

Customers might come from the general public, via advertisements placed in the press or in shop windows. Alternatively you could provide a service to local artists and art shops, photographers, antique shops selling antique prints, print and poster shops and so on.


The service provided is that of allowing others to have their mail forwarded to your own or your business address. Often the reason is one of protecting the customers’ own privacy; at other times it’s because customers live in accommodation that isn’t their own, and from which they have no absolute entitlement to operate a business.

All you do is allow customers to use your address, following which you will have their mail forwarded to them on a prearranged basis. Take a look at the many advertisements offering such services in local papers, and the scope will no doubt become apparent, particularly where an attractive city centre or decidedly rural address can be offered. It may be that certain customers will have particular requirements; some might want their post forwarding daily; some by recorded post; some will be happy with a weekly delivery. Your charges will be dependent upon what specific requirements might be expressed.

Contact a few already established accommodation address services for details of what charges and special facilities they operate. Then take the best from each.

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