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Make MoneyThe number 1 mistake people make when trying to get more traffic to their websites to make money is jumping from technique to technique, not following through with anything, and being lured by the promises that this next technique is truly “the one.”Unfortunately, there is no traffic generation technique that is SO good, all others should be dropped. You need to take several techniques, mash them up together, and implement them all consistently.

An example – you use MySpace to generate traffic to your webpage to make money. If you have audio available for people to listen to, wouldn’t it also make sense to submit your audio to podcast directories? It’s just one more way to leverage the content you already have, to make it available to internet users in as many ways as possible.

The goal here is to put your website, your links, your content, in as many relevant places as possible – thus increasing your chances of people stumbling over it and visiting your site to make money by buy your tracks so you make money. Simple as that.

Another recently touted traffic-generation website – YouTube. Think about the power of combining your already existing MySpace make money marketing campaigns with a YouTube campaign, as well as submitting your content (video and audio) through the podcast directories AND other video websites. You’ve just taken what was a one-shot-deal and turned it into 4 streams of traffic from all over the net pouring into your site.

It’s the smart way of using your time and to make money with your content as powerfully as possible. Getting people from all over the internet – all over the world – funneling into your website from the little “trail” you’ve left everywhere – MySpace, YouTube, etc.

Make Money via Youtube

We’ve all heard about bands and singers who create an at-home, no-budget video that they put up on YouTube for their song which catapults their exposure and make money. Making compelling video and getting it on YouTube isn’t as hard as you might think. Neither is using YouTube to generate massive amounts of traffic to your website – if you know the key elements of success. Check out EasyTubeTraffic for more info.
While YouTube traffic isn’t as hard as one might think, there is more to it then simply uploading a video and waiting for the masses to come. EasyTubeTraffic explains it.

Whilst and YouTube are making all the headlines, below are some of the many other companies that can promote your music and maybe even get you a recording contract which will make you money.

Garageband.compresents a new way for bands to make it big. Their “New Deal” is a way to make money in the region of $250,000 recording contract for your band, and to get constructive feedback from musicians and fans worldwide. You can also sell your CDs through the site and get free gig promotion plus access to expert advice from world class producers like George Martin and Brian Eno and many other essential resources.

With Promosquad you get points by Promoting artists, rating songs in the jukebox, participating in a poll, find a hot new band…they all get you certain amounts of points that you can then cash in for prizes! Know an unsigned band? You could earn extra points or even a $1000 finders fee!

Make Money with your Music

Internet Underground Music Archive, IUMA for short is one place to post your music where actual musicians are watching out for you. You have your own URL with your band name first. And a custom web page where you can post all your band info and MP3s, make money vie selling your CDs, create message boards, fan lists, and of course, get e-mail from your fans – all Free.

David Wimble’s 8th Edition The Indie Bible

The Indie Bible is a 320 page music directory that is published once a year. It has been created to help independent artists gain more exposure for their music. It’s an effective time-saving resource that will enable you to quickly tap into the THOUSANDS of services that are dedicated to helping talented artists (of all genres) achieve their lifelong music dream and make money.

The Musician’s Atlas 2007

The Musician’s Atlas, the best-selling contact and networking directory, is created especially for musicians and others to connect with fans and music business professionals. Completely updated for 2007, this ninth edition includes 15,000+ U.S. and international contacts in more than 28 categories, including club talent buyers; college and festival bookers; commercial and college radio programmers; promoters and publicitists; film and TV music supervisors; distributors; marketing services; and other essential contacts. Highlights of this edition include more than 800 new performance opportunities; song contests and CD compilation contacts; and e-commerce services.


Essential Magazine Subscriptions

US Subscriptions

Billboard- Universally recognised as the world’s leading industry trade publication, Billboard Magazine has over a hundred-year history of being music and home entertainment’s authoritative voice. Weekly publication.

Electronic Musician

Electronic Musician is the premier resource for making and recording music. Every month we bring you articles that help you choose and use the tools you need to express your creativity. EM is jam-packed with essential information on personal studio recording, midi applications, music software, synth programming and much more. Save up to 78% when you subscribe through Amazon. also a good resource to find session work to make money in the business.

Under The Radar

For the best coverage on exciting indie-rock bands the world over, look Under the Radar. It offers intelligent, and sometimes humorous, articles that go beyond a band’s major influences, often accompanied by exclusive photo shoots. Includes exclusive interviews, album reviews and much more.

Guitar Player

For serious guitarists who want to become better, more informed players. Every monthly issue is fiercely dedicated to stylistic diversity in it’s coverage of music, artists, and guitar gear. Save up to 63% with a subscription through Amazon.

Rolling Stone

Founder and publisher Jann S. Wenner’s brainchild remains the standard by which rock & roll magazines are measured. In addition to celebrity interviews, stalwart features such as CD reviews and Random Notes (the mag’s long-running gossip section) provide familiar reading for older readers, as does the publication’s superior political and cultural coverage. Save up to 87% with a subscription through Amazon., The Magazine Superstand offers over 1500 magazine subscriptions from one convenient location with an ironclad guarantee! Click here for Risk Free Magazine Subscriptions. The rate you pay at is the lowest price they are authorized to offer over the internet and there is never any need to worry when you order through If for any reason, you are not satisfied with a subscription purchase made through, contact them before receiving your third issue and they will honor your refund request instantly. That is why ordering magazines through really is 100% risk-free – guaranteed!

If you purchase a subscription through their service and discover a lower publisher authorized subscription rate elsewhere on the internet within 60 days of payment, please let them know of the offer and they will instantly refund the difference. They will honor all lower rates authorized by the publishers.

UK Subscriptions.

Music Tech Magazine

Music Tech is the most practical magazine on the market for recording musicians, sound engineers and producers. Now sporting a new look and including more features, artist interviews and tutorials, every issue also comes with a CD packed full of samples and software. Save 30% when you subscribe through The Magazine Group.

Future Music

Future Music brings you the most in-depth reviews by respected industry professionals plus news on all the latest hardware and software releases. We also interview musicians at the cutting edge of technology, and give you all the advice, music and free samples you need to get the most out of your existing set-up and improve your music making.

Total Guitar is dedicated to making its readers better guitarists. It features product reviews, artist profiles and interviews as well as techniques and tutorial pages. It is Europe’s best-selling guitar magazine. A comprehensive guide for guitarists and guitar enthusiasts of all abilities. Save 24% when you subscribe through The Magazine Group.

Essential Books

All the books listed below have received multiple 5 star reviews from Amazon reviewers
Music – The Business: The Essential Guide to the Law and the Deals – Ann Harrison (UK Publication)

Essential to everyone who wants to be in the music business, and to everyone already in the music business who wants to broaden their knowledge and put themselves on the fast track to the top, MUSIC – THE BUSINESS tells it like it is. From bedroom demo to arena tour, highlighting the impact and the potential pitfalls of new media and the Internet, MUSIC – THE BUSINESS tells you everything you need to know about how to protect your rights and maximise your earnings. Never before has there been such a comprehensive and easy-to-read guide to the UK music business, written by an insider, a lawyer who has worked full-time in the industry for fifteen years.

Answering all the questions, demystifying all the jargon, revealing the facts behind the headlines and the real figures underlying those multimillion pound deals, MUSIC – THE BUSINESS is the definitive guide to the UK’s most happening industry.

In the only major book of it’s kind that comprehensively covers music law in the UK, there are fascinating studies of cases involving some of the greatest British stars, including Elton John, Robbie Williams and George Michael. This is the only non-legal textbook that looks at all the leading cases on the music business: how they changed the deals, the contracts and, in some cases, the whole way the music business operates.

MUSIC -THE BUSINESS describes the precedents that have helped shape the body of UK music law as it stands today, but, even more importantly in an age of exponentially rapid technological change, it shows the options for the future.

Written by leading lawyer, Ann Harrison, who heads up the Music Group at one of the biggest and most highly respected entertainment law firms in Britain, MUSIC – THE BUSINESS is the ultimate guide to all the issues facing this exciting industry both now and in the future.

The Musician’s Guide to Making & Selling Your Own Cds & Cassettes – by Jana Stanfield (US Publication)

Jana Stanfield shows you how to produce your own albums and make your own music career. You don’t need a shelf full of Grammys to be a successful songwriter, singer or musician. Here, you’ll learn how to define your own “outrageous success” and how to have the musical freedom that comes along with producing your own albums.

Jana Stanfield is a triple-platinum singer/songwriter whose songs have been recorded by Reba McEntire, Andy Williams, Gary Morris, John Schneider and Suzy Bogguss.

2007 Song Writer’s Market Ian C. Bessler (Editor) (US Publication)

Reveals Exactly How the Music Industry Works. 1,400 completely updated markets for songwriters, including music publishers, record companies, producers, managers and more. Countless resources for songwriters, ranging from support organizations and conferences to retreats, grants and websites

Songwriter’s Market lifts the veil around the music industry to teach aspiring songwriters about the inner workings of the business. In addition to the market listings, there’s nearly 100 pages filled with articles and interviews that shed light on every corner of the music world. Readers will learn from working songwriters, film composers, producers and even record executives! It’s a must-have for every songwriter’s library.

The Craft and Business of Songwriting – John Braheny (US Publication)

Discover the secrets of successful songwriting with this essential guide! Cofounder of the Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase John Braheny teaches you the craft of songwriting while going behind the scenes of the music business to reveal insider secrets that will make your work stand out. Dozens of exercises, examples and anecdotes from songwriters such as Vince Gill, Sheryl Crow, TLC, Lenny Kravitz and Paul McCartney will you show you how to: develop a songwriter’s consciousness; overcome barriers in the creative process; write in all musical styles, and for film and TV; and skillfully manage the business of demos and contracts. This updated edition also covers online opportunities for songwriters.

Everything You’d Better Know About the Record Industry – by Kashif, Gary Greenberg

Everything You’d Better Know About the Record Industry is “must” reading for anyone seeking to engage the music business professionally. Everything You’d Better Know About The Record Industry is about how to find success in the music business and how to make money doing it. by answering all the questions — especially those that the novice wouldn’t even know to ask! Included are over 150 pages of contracts and their explanatory notes, information on obtaining recording and publishing deals, understanding how royalties are calculated, choosing the right manager, and what it takes to start your own record company. Comprehensive and comprehensible, this is an urgently recommended addition to the reference shelves of every music department and community library collection.

Social Networking

OK, so you’ve already got your MySpace page. Where else can you promote your band, and get your music heard? Try some of the following:

ReverbNation – As well as setting up your own page, the site also offers

•Tutorials for getting the most out of your online promotion
• Forums – Announcements, Music Chat, Site Tips.
• TunePak – To spread your music everywhere.
• Fan-collection/management tool for artists. You can use this tool on any site to grow your mailing list.
• Widgets to add to your other web pages, including Player Widget to add your music to any web page, show schedules and maps – Harness the power of MySpace and fan blogs by offering your fans a financial incentive to sell your CD’s from their own pages

FaceBook is another popular social network site, originally set up for college and university students, but now open to everyone. The penetration rate is staggering – about 85% of students in supported colleges have a profile up on FaceBook. That’s 3.85 million members. Latest figures show that 60% log in daily. About 85% log in at least once a week, and 93% log in at least once a month. Generally considered better than myspace by users as there’s less spam, less junk, just clean and cool social networking.

Be sure to check out Wikipedia for the latest list of social networking sites.

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