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If you are a home based business looking for new products to sell online, such as DVDs, CDs etc – Julian Patterson a Product Broker may be your man.

Known as Julian Patterson the cash business generator, he mainly works for private clients – larger organisations who have deep pockets for high level licenses which can change hands for as much as $100,000 a pop.

But for someone starting out, according to Julian Patterson the cash business es can generate from licenses makes such a deal very attractive. “Licensing is a better option for most small businesses” Julian says “as it cuts out the months of labour in putting products together – not to mention the substantial costs for product development”

According to Julian Patterson, when you are just starting out in licensing – a non-exclusive license will be your best bet. “This way”, Julian says, “product owners are often prepared to drop their asking price substantially – in return for retaining the right to offer someone in another country, for example (depending on the terms of the agreement) a license too.”

Julians clients are able to access licenses not being generally touted around the internet. “There is so much rubbish out there” says Julian “and a home business owner could be forgiven for signing up for some of these cheap products”. The reality of course is that something that you can license for $5 openly online – is a product that anyone else can see for $5 too and buy it. “You’re not going to get rich selling cheap PLR eBooks” insists Julian.

The type of products that Julian sources for clients tend to be physical products (there is no perceived value in downloads he maintains). Julian Patterson such as DVD sets, CDs, Software, Books and manuals.

Or as Julian Patterson puts it “stuff that gets delivered in a large box – not a quick download online.

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