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If you’ve got time on your hands to commit to providing regular information then there are many ways to earn from providing information for other websites. Many sites are now committed to providing a directory of websites or other information and are prepared to pay you for your time. Don’t expect to get rich, but you can expect to have your internet bills paid, or receive a few cents/pence etc per review or even a share of advertising revenue. In some cases you are required to make a monthly report so don’t take on too much. Additionally, with the growth in blogging, new sites are coming online all the time so remember to check this page regularly if you are interested.

All these companies are completely free to join. You just click on the relevant banners or links and follow the instructions.

ALSO – Click here for details of sites that pay you for completing surveys

ciao.comis creating an online database of opinions on just about everything you can think of – not just websites. They pay for the opinions you write in particular categories, based on the number of times someone reads your review and also award cash payments for the best reviews each month.

As well as reviewing websites on various topics they also want reviews on places, products, services etc and are open to suggestions for new categories.

PLUS Invite Friends- recommend them to others and earn even more! They will pay you up to 30% of whatever your friends earn in their first 6 months on

NEW – Produce the first video review of a current electronic product or hotel and they will pay you £10 if your video is one of the first 500 published.

You also have the chance of increasing your earnings by completing surveys.

Sites available in UK and most countries worldwide. US and Canadian residents must join sister site Greenfield Online.

Similar to ciao is DooYoo. You simply write reviews of products or services you’ve used and get paid in Dooyoo miles. Dooyoo miles can be exchanged for cash or gift vouchers, or donated to charity.

They also have sites in UK, Germany, Spain and Italy is probably one of the most active communities, with 80,000 members at the last count. The idea is pretty simple – if you contribute to the myLot Community – whether it is by posting a new discussion, responding to a current discussion, commenting on a current discussion, or referring friends, you earn money. For each person you send to myLot you will receive 25% of their earnings.

Helium Knowledge

Make money on Helium Knowledge by answering questions. Every time somebody reads your answer, you get paid. The amount you earn is limited only by the number of questions you answer and how many people read them. Subjects cover anything from gardening tips and cookie recipes to favorite restaurants and investment advice. They show you the highest paying categories to help you decide which questions to answer. Once you’ve placed an answer, your answer is rated against others – the better the answer, the higher up the page your answer will be and the greater the chance of it being read. A lot of the answers are very basic so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get rated highly for a comprehensive response. You can also earn a percentage of the earnings of anyone you refer. Make Money Write at Helium! Post Your Point of View & Earn $! Free, Fun.Try Now! the seventh most visited site on the web and one of the most popular Internet destinations for news, information and entertainment is looking for online experts to serve as Guides on their network. Guides write original articles, create lively newsletters, provide the best subject-related Internet links and interact with users. Guides earn a minimum of $100-$500 a month, but can earn substantially more. Being a Guide is a part-time job perfect for working from home on your equipment and your own time.

If you have:

•Expert knowledge in your designated topic

•Excellent writing and editing skills

•Passion for the subject matter

•Ability to work 10-20 hours a week on your site

•HTML knowledge, access to an HTML editor

•(could be a text editor like Notepad),

•knowledge of FTP

and would like more information and to apply for the position, please visit

Become a Contributing Editor at

Contributing Editors that contribute articles, Web site reviews, and participate in the Suite101 community.

In return for running a topic and contributing regularly, Suite101 provides Editors with a monthly honorarium (US $15-$25/month), a complete set of editing tools, significant editorial freedom, the opportunity to share their interests with others, and active participation in the community. Contributions are submitted via easy to use online forms and are automatically published in’s pre-designed pages. No technical or programming knowledge is required. Editors are driven by a passion and interest for the topic they cover. Prospective Editors should choose a topic that they are passionate about and enjoy sharing with others. They’re willing to consider any topic that has an Internet presence and is not already covered at has also signed a contract with Barnes & Noble Digital to provide introductions to a new series of e-books being launched this fall. The Barnes & Digital Library will eventually feature thousands of classics and public domain works offered in e-book and print-on-demand (POD) formats. Suite101’s role is to find qualified writers to write introductions for these works and to provide a community area where readers can locate additional information and engage in discussions. If your introduction is accepted, it will be included along with your name and byline in each copy of the works sold at Barnes &

You must be a member to apply for either of these positions, so just click here to join for free.

Create A Blog

The popularity of blogging has led to the growth of free hosted blog providers which offer the opportunity to share in their advertising revenue. You simply sign up from their site, and create and maintain a blog. As your content generates traffic and attracts readers you get a share of the advertising income.

Squidoo is probably my favourite blogging site. Professional templates make it very easy to get started, and various extras encourage visitors to your site. Not only do you get the chance to earn from Google advertising revenue, but you can add relevant recommendations from Amazon and eBay and earn on sales made. With 50,000 sites already, your webpage isn’t sitting out in the wilderness, hoping to be discovered. Instead, you benefit from the proximity effect – your stuff is right next to thousands of other pages about other interesting stuff, and by choosing a category for your site, you make it easy for others to find. They also make it easy to encourage interaction with your readers. You can add polls, let people add their own links and even allow people to vote on the sites and products listed.

I’ve just created my own Squidoo page (called a lens) at Take a moment or two to take a look and as a reward, if you’ve got your own website you can add it to the “member sites” area of the site and create a one way back link to your site. Once you’ve signed up as a Squidoo member please also rate the lens. The higher it rates the better the value of the back links for you.

To get your own lens, just go to – it’s completely free

Thanking you for making our Squidoo lens one of the top 100 business pages on the site (and top 1500 overall out of over 100,000). Visit this blog and add your own site details free of charge. also offers you the chance to earn a regular income, simply by writing your own blog. Google ads are placed alongside your entry and you’ll earn an income every time someone visits your page and clicks on one of your Google ads. In addition, refer others and your ads will also appear on their pages. To find out more about earning from Google ads and open an Adsense account click here

Other blogs that offer a revenue share include: •






Other sites will pay you to add their links to your blog, or to review their products in your blog. Try out:






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