Finding Freelance Work

Working freelance is an option that appeals to both workers and employers. Whilst the advantages for an employer can be seen as disadvantages to a freelance worker (only paid when work is available; tax dealt with by the freelancer etc ) the advantages – such as the chance to choose when and where to work (especially from home, at hours to suit) can make this an attractive proposition.

Many occupations can fall into this category, especially when particular skills are required. For example a publisher may only occasionally require technical expertise twice a year, and would not wish to take on full time staff , instead preferring to hire freelancers as required.

If you don’t know what sort of work would suit you, consider taking assessment tests to determine the career you’re most suited to. Starting at just $20, will assess you to determine the best career for you.

The following are suggestions of jobs that come into these categories. If I have omitted something that interests you, e-mail me, and I’ll add a new category.


Writing doesn’t have to mean blockbuster novels, although it is said that there’s a novel inside all of us. Click on the right for details of how to get started, suggested reading materials, contact points and more.


If you are fluent in English and a second language, this is the option for you. Listed here are several agencies and companies worldwide that will consider adding you to their books. Plus tips on increasing your chances, and the chance to subscribe to a FREE translators newsletter.


Many companies are simply not large enough to require full time secretarial staff. Tips on hiring yourself out, either on a regular basis to several companies in your area, or tasks like production of C.V’s, typing student dissertations etc.


Companies are much more conscious of the importance of customer opinions and many agencies have sprung up requiring researchers to check out shops, offices and anywhere that staff come into contact with their customers. Learn how to make the most of the opportunities available or how to get snapped up by the agencies.


Find out how to make a success of a career in the music industry.


Be it designing web sites, repairing computers or computer programming, there are many ways to work from home. (UK page but not UK specific)


If you have an eye for detail, then this could be for you. Click on the link to the left for details of the work involved, together with recommended reading, courses and contact points. There’s even a short test to see how observant you are. Note this is a UK page and as such the test relates to UK spelling.


If nothing above takes your fancy, what about artwork, photography, etc. A few more ideas are listed here.

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