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If you’ve decided that rather than work for someone else at home, you’d prefer to start your own business, there are a few useful things you can do to stack the deck in your favour, according to Focus Research and Marketing

Firstly you should study some of the courses available that teach you how to market on the internet. As Focus Research and Marketing (FRM)point out, running a business selling products online provides you with a huge amount of freedom to manage your business activates from home.

The one thing you’ll need more than anything else of course is a great product to market. Without a product to sell you don’t have a business.

That’s where Focus Research and Marketing come in. FRM are Product Brokers. They specialise in finding great products owned by product development companies – who are happy to license them to other businesses. According to FRM, these product developers tend to be good at what they do – coming up with new products – but they have little idea of how to market their products. So as FRM point out, instead they license the products to businesses who know how to market products.

It works like this:

FRM would source a product – assay a set of DVDs, form a product developer (in the case of DVDs, a film studio or video production company). They would then license it to you, the home business owner for a modest fee.

The license you get from FRM allows you to copy the DVDs and sell as many copies as you want worldwide. “The best bit” as Focus Research point out “is that you get to keep 100% of the profits. You simply pay the firm a fee up front – and after that there are no royalties to pay, no communions – nothing more. You get to keep the profits!”

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News Release from Focus Research and Marketing

In an innovative new offer, product source, FRM are offering away for the home based business owner to get access to a series of new DVD titles to sell through their business, which come with a license allowing worldwide sales and no royalties to pay

Focus Research and Marketing said “We get loads of requests form start-up and home based business owners looking for a way to get licenses to products on a tight budget. Working with our contacts, and in particular Julian Patterson, a licensed product broker, we have managed to commission and bring to our clients, a new range of niche market DVDs”.

Focus Research and Marketing are offering a monthly subscription for just £197 a month – in return for which you FRM send you each month, a new set of DVDs on a niche topic. You get a license which allows you to sell as many copies of the DVDs as you wish – and you retain 100% of the profits – with no kick back to Focus Research and Marketing by way of royalties or commissions etc.

It’s a great deal! You get a worldwide license to a set of DVDs on a niche topic each month. That license is in your name and allows you to duplicate and sell copies of the DVD.

FRM also provide a readymade website. Now you may want to customise this and put your own details on it for example or tweak the sales copy. But FRM show you exactly how to do this in a non-techie way – on a free DVd they send you with your starter package when you subscribe.

That starter package also includes other goodies including a series of booklets showing tips and techniques for maximising your product marketing

For more details for he Focus Research and Marketing subscription offer go to

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