Virtually every newspaper and magazine has offers of homework promising you that you can earn £££’s working from home for them. It is a sad fact of life that this is a sector which attracts more than its fair share of con-artists. Before responding to offers of homework from companies that advertise homework, check out my section on scams. It may prevent you from getting ripped off.

Generally you will be far better off going into business on your own, using the same skills you are offering to these companies, but if you prefer to test the water without a huge outlay, they can be a good starting point. Don’t however underestimate your own ability. If, for example, you can make soft toys of a standard acceptable to a company, you can just as easily make them for yourself, and sell them yourself. Further details are provided elsewhere on this site.

If I have omitted something that interests you, e-mail me, and I’ll see about adding a new category.

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Andrew Reynolds shares his ideas and advice to get you started, help you find home based work to suit you and avoid the numerous scams in this sector
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