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Hand-Made Crosses (US only)

John Raymond, Pastor of the New Horizon Christian Fellowship in Slidell, Louisiana never had a problem meeting the demand for his Disciple’s Crosses™, until his appearance on the hit CBS television show, Survivor: Thailand. After wearing one of these unique, hand-made crosses on the show, interest skyrocketed and there is no way he can meet the demand himself and therefore needs homeworkers to make these crosses.

As a Disciple’s Cross™ Certified Producer, you will be given generous marketing rights so you can sell your Disciple’s Cross™ necklaces to whomever you wish – at whatever price you choose, or simply return them under the guaranteed buy back program.

Backed by the personal guarantee of Pastor John Raymond – No empty promises or shifty schemes here – just an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. As the senior pastor of a Slidell, Louisiana church, he certainly cannot afford to jeopardize his reputation.

Visit Disciple’s Cross for full details

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Recommended Reading

Complete Guide to Starting and Running Your Home Craft Business

If you’re thinking about running your own craft business, this new guide will show you:

  • How to start your craft business the legal and proper way
  • How to keep other crafters from stealing your ideas and copying you
  • Several different methods of determining a price for your product that not only earns you a nice profit, but also make your crafts irresistible to customers!
  • How to keep organized and turn your craft business into an efficient profit-producing machine
  • A simple pricing technique that can make your sales volume explode!
  • How to deliver your products to customers safely and save money in the process
  • Strategies for hiring and working with sales representatives and employees
  • Step-by-step techniques on getting your products placed in gift shops and craft stores
  • How to get your craft business online and sell over the Internet and eBay

Ultimate Guide to Your Profitable Jewelry Booth

Written by a successful jewelry artist, this guide covers all aspects of successfully selling jewelry at shows; every success tip, strategy, and secret she’s discovered over the past several years of selling handcrafted jewelry at shows.

Although this guide is written by and primarily for jewelry artists, much of the information can be equally applied to any craftwork.

Secrets of the Craft Business

This new UK publication is the definitive guide to making money from craftwork, telling you what sells well, where to get your supplies, how to find buyers without selling, and loads more.

How to Start Making Money With Your Crafts by Kathryn Caputo

Amazon Reader Review

“How to Start Making Money with your Crafts” is a great book for those crafters (like myself) who love to craft, and have decided to take their crafts into the “new world” of business, but have no idea how to go about doing that! The author takes the reader through a step-by-step approach from deciding on a product line to pricing and selling your products for profit. When I started reading this book, I only knew that I wanted to open a crafts business and work with fabric…when I finished the book, I had nailed down a product line, made decisions about pricing, and had decided how to sell the products! The book is full of helpful worksheets and questions at the end of each chapter to help you make important desisions about your business. It takes many considerations into account: time, family/children, money, your abilities, etc. to help you succeed at your business. There are also many stories about other succesful crafters, their ideas, and hints to help you. The “selling” part of this book focuses on selling at craft fairs. Other selling options are discussed, but not explored, but even if you do not plan to sell at craft fairs, you will benefit from the wealth of information given in this book!


Amazon Price: $18.95 Paperback – 264 pages 3 edition (March 1, 2000)

This book covers just about every aspect of running a craft business, from getting started, financial and legal considerations, business plans, to managing and marketing the business.

Handmade for Profit : Hundreds of Secrets to Success in Selling Arts & Crafts by Barbara Brabec

List Price: $14.95 AmazonPrice: $11.96 Paperback – 271 pages (October 1996)

“The first step to building a profitable crafts enterprise at home,” declares noted crafts-business expert Barbara Brabec, “is to think of it as a business, not a hobby … whether your annual income goal is $500 or $50,000.” Handmade for Profit explains clearly how to do just that, with coverage of 16 different retail markets, including fairs and shows, shops and galleries, and Internet and catalog sales. All of the other necessary basics are presented as well, from building confidence, developing your product line, and setting prices, to creating a printed professional image with brochures, business cards, labels, and more. Of particular interest is the final chapter, which details precisely how to turn your hobby into a successful business.

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Recommended Sites

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