Cash on Demand 3 System

The release of the Cash on Demand 3.0 System opens your eyes to the very real and personal impact a successful business can have on the lives of others…

Recently Multi-Millionaire Cash on Demand entrepreneur Andrew Reynold’s first book – entitled Copy This Idea – was released on to the marketplace.  Published by Capstone (John Wiley & Sons) one of the UK’s foremost book publishers and with no fan fare, major announcements or any other such benefits, still this book went straight to number one in hundreds of branches of WH Smiths across the country, becoming number one in both the Non-Fiction book and Business’ charts.  A success which rose even further as in just a few weeks it even surpassed this by consistently becoming a Sunday Times Business Best Seller.

The book, which chronicles Andrew’s remarkable journey from the caravan he lived in as a child, his struggles through to the age of 40, through to the Cash on Demand system he developed which made him a Millionaire by the age of 45 and a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50, is certainly one of the most inspiring books you’ll come across.  However, what struck me as I read it was the impact both near and far that Andrew’s little Cash on Demand business has had on the lives of ordinary people across the world.

Driven by a desire to use his good fortune to reach out to others, what has impressed me the most is how Andrew has used the success of Cash on Demand to raise and donate literally millions of pounds to charities both nationally and internationally.  Through this wonderful business model which he has created he has been able to host award winning events, such as his sold out Entrepreneurs Bootcamp he held at London’s prestigious O2 Arena.  It was here in front of 8,000 budding entrepreneurs from across the globe gathered to listen to Andrew talk, among other things, about the Cash on Demand system and how anyone could use it as a template to change their own lives.  However, as if to dramatically demonstrate the effectiveness of this system, live on stage he presented a cheque to the Make A Wish Foundation – a charity to make a wish for ill and terminally ill children  – for  £700,000.  An amount he raised for them within days simply by using his trademarked Cash on Demand business model.

It was also an opportunity for Andrew to demonstrate something dear to his heart and which he also went out of his way to teach, and that is to get across that with wealth, indeed with any success be it with a Cash on Demand business or not, there comes a personal responsibility to help others.  This is where, in the long term, your true gratification will come.  Not from the million pound properties … not from the millions in the bank … not from the luxury cars and holidays … but actually what you have given back to society.

He talks from personal experience of course.  Yes, he has enjoyed the money which has been flowing in really since he developed Cash on Demand, but he admits what has given him far more pleasure is not the money which has come in, but the money he has been able to give away to help others who really do need help.

A perfect example of this lies thousands of miles away on another continent.  In Cape Town, South Africa, right now there are 400 young children who are being fed thanks to a soup kitchen Andrew is funding.  In addition, to date he has also helped build more than 20 new brick homes to replace temporary shelters made out of old tin and scraps of wood people were living in.

Yet isn’t it astonishing and humbling in some ways, that all this is happening thanks to the little business Andrew developed thousands of miles away many years ago in his spare room at home. I think it is this aspect, which we are reminded of with the release of Cash on Demand 3.0, which highlights how each one of us can impact other people’s lives positively with our own successful business.  And that’s something worth getting excited about.

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