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Good Anti-Fraud Advice

See our scam page for examples of typical scams

If you’re based in the UK, check out the UK site. It has many more in depth features, and pages of UK information. Click HERE for more information.

  • To assist Internet merchants, large and small, in protecting themselves against the dramatic increase in online credit card and check fraud.
  • Federal Trade Commission: – Very useful site for the latest official news and also has a great section on consumer protection with hundreds of information leaflets on line
  • National Fraud Information Center : – Get advice on all the different types of scam around or report a scam using their online form.
  • Scambusters: – dedicated to helping you protect yourself from clever scams online and offline. You’ll find lots of resources on how to avoid the most popular scams, viruses and urban legends making the rounds. Weekly newsletter available.
  • The Better Business Bureau Central Web Server for U.S. and Canada : BBB reports provide information on over 2 million organizations for you to check out. If you think that a company has treated you unfairly, file a complaint online. They will contact the organization to help resolve the issue.
  • United States Postal Inspection Service has details on many postal scams including work at home schemes.
  • MLM Law: The Definitive Legal Resource for Direct Selling, Multilevel, and Network Marketing Companies.
  • Junkbusters: a free Web-based service to reduce your junk mail.

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